Please bring with you:
  • your valid insurance card (in a printed form, NOT on your phone)
  • picture ID
  • a list of your medications and allergies
  • laboratory and pathology reports (if relevant)
  • a referral from your primary care doctor (if applicable)
  • payment for the visit
  • forms - you can fill these at home and save time  >>  click to go to forms
8500 Bluffstone Cove, Ste. A-101
Austin, TX 78759
Phone:  (512) 328 - 2102
Dermatology and Dermatological Surgery
-------------------- WE ARE OPEN -------------------- as of 5/26/2020 --------------------

We are in compliance with the Governor's edicts and other regulations regarding the coronavirus
(Covid-19) pandemic

We offer telemedicine for selected situations, please call.